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Gazizullin Nail F.
Professor, Chair of Marketing, St. Petersburg State University of Economy and Finances, PhD (Economics), Professor

Editor-in-chief column

Dear readers and colleagues!
We hereby present to you a new issue of our Journal [2(34) 2010]. Its 22 traditional sections contain 130 articles, analytical and bibliographical materials submitted by authors from 45 regions of Russia, as well as from abroad (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Germany). These articles analyze the most important issues of post-crisis economic modernization as well as a broad range of questions such as transition to innovative ways of development in Russia and CIS countries; formation of new economic values; development of economic theory; globalization, economic integration; economic security; the increase in competitive capacities; the improvement of economic management on the national, regional, branch- and micro- levels; development of innovative entrepreneurship; regulation of finance-and-credit system; effective functioning of the marketing, logistics, agro-industrial complex, and other spheres of contemporary economics with all of its specific features across Eurasia; the historical-economic analysis of the development of Russian science, industry, and financial systems.
The preparation and publication of the current issue has been dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the victory over fascism. To mark this great feat of the Soviet people, representatives of CIS states as well as other member-states of the anti-Hitler coalition took part in the triumphal parade in Moscow on May 9, 2010. The Editorial Board of the Journal has dedicated a special section to this landmark event, which offers an objective analysis of formation and development of the war-time economy and the mechanisms of its implementation that brought about our Victory in those unbelievably difficult circumstances. Today’s younger generations should know the entire truth about the Great Patriotic War, including the economic system that was one of its highly important components. The lessons of the war prepare us for the new challenges of the present time.
The preservation and augmentation of the most valuable experiences accumulated in Russia’s history during the time of both war and peace, of everything that assured successful development of our country, is the most important condition for its dynamic movement in new conditions.
Any socio-economic system, especially at the stage of radical historic transformations, may develop effectively only if it rests upon firm scientific methodological foundations. At all times political economy performed the role of such foundation for economics. It is for this reason that we open the current issue with the article by M.I. Krotov, Secretary General of the Council of the CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly, where the author discusses political and economic problems of Russian modernization in terms of the necessity of reviving the country’s political and economic scholarship on a qualitatively new level. This article may be seen as a seminal text in determining the direction and methods for the post-crisis modernization of the Russian economy.
D.Yu. Miropol’sky, N.V. Vedin and T.M. Proskurina, V.S. Alekseevsky and N.V. Shavyrin discuss questions related to the philosophy of new economic values. The article by L.G. Bagiev and A.O. Shul’ga develops the concept “marketing of interaction,” in particular, formation of its methods and the evaluation of its effectivity. K.Petzoldt, the representative of the Journal in Germany, in co-authorship with the colleagues from St.Petersburg State University, discusses the role played by the reputation of professors in the increase of the competitive potential of the educational institution. The historical section of the Journal addresses the process of formation and development of politico-economic studies at the Department of Economics of Leningrad – St.Petersburg University (the article by G.G. Bogomazov dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Department of Economics, St.Petersburg State University). The article by N.A. Savinskaya, V.V. Pivovarov, N.I. Smirnova, M.V. Obraztsov, I.A. Pozdeeva, leading administrators of the Bank of Russia in St.Petersburg, addresses the issue of formation and development of Russia’s payment system. The role of St.Petersburg in the development of the chemical industry in pre-revolutionary Russia is the topic of the article by L.V. Smirnova, S.E. Platonova and A.P. Kerzum. All these works show the unbroken chain of historical continuity, of the past and present of the Russian economy and Russian society at large, pointing out and proving that creative mastery of contemporary socio-economic processes has firm scholarly and practical ground of Russia’s rich traditions.
In conclusion I would like with all my heart to congratulate our endeared veterans on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, and to congratulate all professors and students of the Department of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, on the 70th anniversary of the Department, as well as all employees of the Central Bank of Russia – on the Bank’s 150th anniversary!

With respect,
N.F. Gazizullin

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