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Gazizullin Nail F.
Chair of Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought, St. Petersburg State Economic University, PhD (Economics), Professor, Honored Scholar of the Republic of Tatarstan

Chief editor's column
Pages: 2 - 2

Dear readers and colleagues!

We hereby present the Fiftieth Anniversary issue of the Journal [2 (50) 2014]. In its 18 traditional sections this issue contains 97 articles, analytical and bibliographic materials written by 142 authors from 30 regions of Russia, other CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus', Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine), and far-abroad countries (China, Israel).
The publication of this issue, as well as multiple congratulations received by the editorial board, including those of the state level, allow me to somewhat digress from the standard description of its content, and make a short trip into the history of the Journal. At the time when the Journal existed only as a project, one could hear opinions such as: “they’ll publish one or two issues, and that’ll be it…” However, at the same time a strong intellectual nucleus was formed around the Journal, represented by famous Russian and foreign scholars, practicians, statesmen. Unfortunately, many of those are not with us anymore, and I would like to mention such names as I.K. Smirnov, N.D. Kolesov, N.A. Cherkasov, S.I. Sharapov, N.G. Khairullin, O.K. Tsapieva, who stood at the foundations of our Journal.
We are pleased that the scholarly agenda of the Journal that from the start focused on the economic aspects of integration on the post-Soviet territory, was embodied in the Eurasian Economic Union. In relation to this, we would like to express our gratitude to the then EEC Secretary General G.A. Rapota, Secretary General of the CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly M.I. Krotov, Executive Secretary of the EEC Inter-parliamentary Assembly Bureau A.N. Maryshev, who have been rendering strong support to the Journal.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to L.S. Bliakhman for many years of his work as a scholarly consultant of the Journal, as well as for his regular contribution in the form of most interesting articles dedicated to contemporary economic issues.
In the course of many years, regional representatives of the Journal have been conducting a most valuable work in various academic centers of Russia, other CIS countries, and in the far-aboard. The existing geography of representatives and authors allow for the constant monitoring of regional economic problems and ways of their solution.
Methodology, as well as issues related to the moral and spiritual principles of economy, remain a focal point of the Journal. It is not accidental that starting in 2004, a seminar called “Community of economists and philosophers of St. Petersburg” has been regularly convened in the publishing house of the Journal. Leading scholars from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other regions of Russia take part in the work of this seminar. A number of books were published on the basis of the seminar’s discussions.
A group of highly professional academic editors constitute the “golden fund” of the Journal; these are people who conduct their work in accordance with strict academic and textual rules. Our experts perform objective and impartial reviews of the materials received by the Journal.
From the very start, the Journal has a free online version, organized and creatively supported by I.K. Smirnov. All these years A.N. Kushkova is professionally developing the English version of the Journal.
Bibliographers from the Group of socio-economic literature (the National Library of Russia) are constant partners of Journal, compiling its “Current bibliography” section, which remains in high demand by BA, MA and PhD students, professors and academic workers. Bibliographical lists are traditionally dedicated to the most topical issues of the present-day economics.
Center of scholarly and informational technologies “Asterion,” with its unique stuff, has been our reliable partner all these years; the Center is the place where the Journal is not only printed, but where we have an opportunity to engage in collective discussion concerning the form of presentation and the design of the Journal.
Congratulations to all who made it possible for the 50th issue of the Journal to appear, our gratitude to everyone, our wishes of strong health and new academic achievements!
As always, we hope that the readers will find many interesting and useful materials in this issue.

The Journal invites everyone to engage in further creative cooperation.

With respect, N.F. Gazizullin.

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