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Gazizullin Nail F.
Chair of Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought, St. Petersburg State Economic University, PhD (Economics), Professor, Honored Scholar of the Republic of Tatarstan

Chief editor's column
Pages: 2 - 2

Dear readers and colleagues!
We hereby present to you the current issue of our Journal [3(51) 2014]; its 18 traditional sections contain 99 articles, analytic reviews and bibliographical materials submitted by 136 authors from 30 regions of Russia and other CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine), as well as Germany.
This issue was already in print when we received a very sad news: L.S. Bliakhman, the chief academic consultant of the Journal, the author of multiple articles on the most topical issues of contemporary economics, passed away on October, 1. L.S. Bliakhman was an outstanding Russian scholar, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor of St. Petersburg State University. We all, his friends, colleagues, multiple students, suffered a great loss; it is impossible to imagine that L.S. Bliakhman is not with us anymore. Only very few can work that intensively, write to profoundly and sophisticatedly as Leonid Solomonovich. As a matter of fact, he was the only of the kind in his multi-faceted uniqueness, who in his writing could combine the best traditions of the Soviet and Russian economic scholarship with the broad analytical scope of the contemporary global economic agenda. His name and his works have already became a part of the golden fund of the Russian economic scholarship. We were lucky to have lived and worked near this person.
As a specific feature of this issue, yet at the same time along with the traditions of our Journal, we open up a discussion focused on reindustrialization and renewal of the Russian economic system. The discussion starts with the article by D.E. Sorokin, a leading scholar from the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, , followed by the articles by the leading economists from M.L. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professors of the Chair of Political Economy A.V. Buzgalin, K.A. Khubiev, and V.M. Kul’kov.
The article by A.V. Sorokin, working at the same Chair, even though it is published in the next section, “Philosophy of economic values. Problems of self-determination in contemporary political economy in CIS and Baltic countries,” is likewise rooted in the context of this discussion by expanding on the scholarly values advocated by the Journal. It is important to stress that the present day geopolitical situation and clear reference points of the Russian internal and external politics focused on the revival and augmenting of the best Russian traditions, create an objective necessity for renewal and conclusive return of political economy as a scholarly, educational and applied foundation of the economic life. The fact that we now mark the 210th anniversary of the Chair of Political Economy of Moscow State University is a momentous event against this background.
Unfortunately, given the limited space for the introductory word, it is impossible to provide even a short description of all the articles presented in the current issue. Yet the reader will discover the major tendencies and the broad range of contemporary economic problems featured in its thematic sections.
In other words, as a whole this issue provides a systemic multi-level picture of the content and the nature of development of the national and regional economics.
The Journal invites everyone to engage in further creative cooperation.

With respect,
N.F. Gazizullin.

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