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Gazizullin Nail F.
Chair of Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought, St. Petersburg State Economic University, PhD (Economics), Professor, Honored Scholar of the Republic of Tatarstan

Editor-in-chief column
Pages: 2 - 2

Dear readers and colleagues!
We hereby present to you the new issue of our Journal [1 (49) 2014] containing 73 articles, analytical and bibliographic materials written by 103 authors from 24 regions of Russia and other CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine).
Since the publication of the previous issue of the journal a historical event took place on the Eurasian space the return of the Crimea to its native Russian harbor. This event again poses a question of peoples unification, one of the most vital questions for our country, a question that possesses a large creative potential. This new situation demonstrates that the tasks of establishing the Eurasian Economic Union, implementation of the new industrialization on the basis of new technologies and economic modernization, large scale social programs etc. can and should be solved on the basis of one own resources. Among those are high spiritual and moral principles, patriotism, loyalty to Russian scholarly, educational and cultural traditions, and the ability to meet present-day challenges with the help of experience in economic development and production organization. This certainly does not mean isolation from the world outside or rejection of positive international experience used in the global economy, but rather its application against the background of system of national values, traditions and specificities, including the politics of healthy protectionism, socio-economic and political pragmatism.
Within this context, the issue is opened by the article of L.S. Bliakhman that discusses the role and the perspectives of EEC development against the background of regional and macro-regional tendencies in the international economy, particularly in their relation to the new industrialization. The interaction of economic and social factors of modernization is the subject of the article b V.N. Volovich; the article by S.N. Glazunov focuses on the mechanism of transition from economic de-industrialization to re-industrialization.
A cycle of articles in the issue is dedicated to the topical issues of economic theory and factors contributing to the improvement of economic politics. Among these issues are problems of scholarly and technological development (the article by G.P. Belyakov and A.N. Kochemaskin), of the impact produced by accumulation upon the economic growth (the article by D.G. Kislitsyn), of the evolution of ideas related to industrial politics (the article by F.F. Rybakov), of the improvement in anti-monopolistic politics (the article by M.V. Shishkin and A.V. Smirnov).
It is very encouraging that a number of Ukrainian scholars have published their articles in the current issue, focusing on various topical issues of contemporary economy. Thus the article by M.V. Kuchurchak analyzes factors related to state-and-private partnership in the system of reproduction of public goods; the article by Z.E. Skrynik and E.S. Zotova addresses tendencies in the area of the cultural dimensions of socio-economic transformation; A.P. Velichko discusses export-oriented transportation logistics in Ukraine.
The section of Economics and management at the enterprise presents an article by D.I. Riakhovsky and N.G. Akulova focusing on the contemporary tools for realization of anti-crisis strategies of enterprises. Finances section features an article by V.A. Lialin on the development of Russian market of bonds. G.L. Bagiev, V.N. Naumov and V.G. Shubaeva and others contributed articles on the topical issues of marketing and logistics. Traditionally the largest section of the journal addresses various aspects of the regional economy; the current issue contains articles from nine regions of Russia that discuss a broad range of topical problems related to the regional economy.
The section History of economic thought presents an article by V.I. Voeikov with the analysis of E.A. Preobrazhenskys concept of economic development. Various aspect of the Islamic economic model are discussed by the authors of the Economy and Religion section (R.I. Bekkin, R.Sh. Klebleeva, A.M. Akhunov). The section of Current bibliography, prepared by the employees of the Russian National Library, systematizes contemporary literature related to the development of the Customs Union and the Unified Economic Space.
We hope that readers will find useful materials in every section of the current issue.
The Journal invites everyone to engage in further creative cooperation.

With respect,
N.F. Gazizullin.

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