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Gazizullin Nail F.
Chair of Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought, St. Petersburg State Economic University, PhD (Economics), Professor, Honored Scholar of the Republic of Tatarstan

Chief editor's column
Pages: 2 - 2

Dear readers and colleagues!
We hereby present to you the current issue of our Journal [2(54) 2015]; its 19 traditional sections present 103 articles, analytic and bibliographic materials written by 154 authors from 26 regions of Russia and other CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan), as well as Germany.
Studying of the multiple publications that analyze the present-day economic situation in Russian, especially against the background of Western sanctions, makes one adopt a completely new look upon many issues related to the topic. The concise description of these issues were presented by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in the speech to the extended session of the Security Council, and focuses on the safeguarding of Russian national interests in the context of the limiting measures that are being imposed upon Russian by certain states. Fulfillment of the tasks laid out by the President requires a new look upon the current situation, particularly a departure from the cut-and-dried old pessimistic tradition and forecasts. One has to concentrate on the real mechanisms of overcoming the negative external factors, define ones internal reserves and possibilities of transferring economy to the new developmental trajectory, featuring modernization and innovative technologies. Russia certainly has such possibilities, yet they have to be justified on the scholarly basis, developed in conjunction with the corresponding organizational and economic methods, and systematically implemented into practice. Alongside with all this, public consciousness should be armed with adequate knowledge and optimism. It is precisely from this perspective that the Journal launches a discussion Is there an economic crisis in Russia? which is opened by an article by M.I. Krotov and V.I. Muntiyan Anti-crisis model of Russias economic development. We invite everybody to participate in this discussion.
The section Problems of modernization and transition to innovative economy discusses formation of demand for ecological innovations (the article by N.V. Pakhomova, K.K. Richter, G.B. Malyshkov and Yu. P. Bondarenko), global and Russian tendencies on the horizontal integration of firms (the article by L.S. Bliakhman and V.V. Ziabrikov), the role of intellectual property on the market of innovations (the article by G.I. Pashigoreva). Essentially, these are the key issues of economic development in the new dimension.
Important issues of levelling of economic inequality in the Eurasian Economic Union are discussed in the section Eurasian economic perspective: problems and decisions, particularly in the article by D.A. Chupina. Thought-provoking opinions are voiced in the articles b K.V. Molchanov, E.G. Gavrina, L.A. Tutova and V.V. Chekmareva in the section Philosophy of economic values. A number of profound theoretical issues leading to the successful development of the economic policy on the basis of harmonization between social and economic criteria are presented in the section Issues of economic theory. Macroeconomics. Several articles from this section may be rightfully called break-through publication in the area of economic theory (e.g. articles by V.N. Volovich, A.A. Shevelev, and A.Yu. Protasov).
One will also find works on the new aspects broadening the horizon of economic research on the level of enterprise (the article by S.Yu. Shevchenko and A.A. Ivanov) and of the holding (the article by K.V. Avdienko), as well as factors affecting the organization of entrepreneurial activity (the article by S.A. Ilinykh), the sphere of finance-and-credit system (the articles by B.I. Sokolov, S.V. Mishchenko as well as by S.V. Naumenkova, V.I. Mishchenko).
A new conceptual article by G.L. Bagiev and E.G. Serova is published in the section Problems of marketing. Logistics, alongside with research articles by S.I. Antoshkin and A.A. Doboni.
With regards to the strategic role of Russias North-East, the section Economic problems of regions and branch complexes continues a series of publications by the scholars from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on various topical problems of their regions development.
We would also want to note the article by I.I. Maljushin in the section History of socio-economic thought and national economy, dedicated to the views of an outstanding Russian public figure S.Yu. Witte on the long-term Russian economic policy. Research of his heritage has a crucial importance for the development of the present-day reference points of the state strategy of economic development.
The Current bibliography section brings a list of publications on Russian-Chinese cooperation over the period between 2012 and 2015, prepared by bibliographers of the Russian National Library.
Unfortunately, given the limited space for the introductory word, it is impossible even to enumerate all thematic sections of the issue, yet the reader will find interesting and useful materials in each of them.
The Journal invites everyone to engage in further creative cooperation.

With respect,
N.F. Gazizullin.

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