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Petzoldt K.
Professor of the Chair of Marketing, Ilmenau University of Technology; PhD (Economics)
Lukicheva T. A.
Assistant Professor, Chari of Economic Theory, St. Petersburg State University, PhD (Economics)
Vorobjeva I. V.
Assistant professor, Chair of World Economics, St.Petersburg State University, Candidate of Science (Economics)

Theoretical and practical aspects of strategic marketing of printed and electronic mass media in the epoch of digital technologies (Germany, Ilmenau; Russia, St. Petersburg)
The article discusses the possibilities of application of the Uses and Gratification Theory, or UGT for the development of strategic decision in the sphere of printed and electronic mass media products, with particular attention to consumer preferences distinguished on the basis of UGT. The authors summarize results of empirical research of the leading Western scholars in the sphere of media-marketing, developed on the basis of UGT. Results of the field research on the audience of a major German journal that has a printed, electronic, and mobile versions, allow to distinguish practical measures for the creation of the added value for the readersТ audience
Key words: Uses and Gratification Theory, media-marketing, printed mass-media, electronic mass-media, internet, competitive advantages, consumer behavior, consumer preferences
Pages: 183 - 188

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