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Alieva B. R.
PhD student, Chair of International Business and Customs Management, G.V. Plekhanov Russian State University of Economics (Moscow)

Consequences of Brexit for the external economic relations of the United Kingdom (Russia, Moscow)
The article discusses the major consequences of Brexit for the current system of external economic relations of Great Britain. As a state deeply integrated into the global economy, the country is largely defined by its external economic relations, first of all, with the continental Europe, North America, as well as former British colonies. Relations with foreign partners, even with regards to the historical aspect, are nowadays regulated by the norms and rules of the European Union. According to forecasts, the change of the country’s status after July referendum will produce a significant impact upon trade and investment cooperation of Great Britain with its foreign partners
Key words: United Kingdom, Great Britain, Brexit, referendum on European Union membership, trade, finances, investment, European Union, Russian Federation
Pages: 166 - 171

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