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Blagikh Ivan A.
Professor, Chair of the History of Economics and Economic Thought, St.Petersburg State University, PhD (Economics)
Bardashevich A. N.
Deputy Director for Innovative Development, St. Petersburg College of Tourism

Theory of composite good and directions of its analysis (Russia, St. Petersburg)
The article presents an analysis of theories of the “composite good” from William Jevons to Robert Shiller. The authors discusses the composite good (aggregated, compound, complex, et.) as a particular case of the general economic good. The article distinguishes the following directions in the development of the theory of the composite good (in the order of their appearance): 1) concepts of composite good based on the idea of creating a stable monetary unit of account (W. Jevons, R. Shiller); 2) concepts of the composite good based on the methods of price calculation by W. Leontief (W. Leontief, D.F. Bradford, M. Malakellis); 3) concepts of composite good based on the theory of composite good by J.R. Hicks; 4) concept of composite good by P. Sraffa; 5) concepts of composite good based on the idea of budgetary restriction of consumer (H. R. Varian, Ch. Breidert, M. Hahsler, and others); 6) concepts of composite good based on matrix of calculation for the analysis of the social processes (represented by P. Mitra). The authors analyze how these theories developed in the contemporary history and the role they play in teaching of economic disciplines
Key words: economic theory, theory of composite good, composite good, history of the theory of composite good, economic goods, teaching of economic theory
Pages: 218 - 223

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