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Nikitina O. A.
Chair of Service and Congress Exhibition Maintenance, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD (Economics), Professor

Contemporary tendencies and challenges in the development of medical tourism: the global experience (Russia, St. Petersburg)
The article discusses contemporary tendencies in the development of the international medical tourism. The author stresses that the lack of attention to these tendencies may become a serious challenge for Russia in creating a competitive medical tourism and becoming part of the international tourism in this sphere
Key words: medical tourism, international medical tourism, segments of the medical tourist market, export of medical tourist services
Pages: 196 - 198

–абота выполнена в рамках внутреннего гранта —ѕб√Ё” по ƒоговору є 38-÷Ќ» на выполнение Ќ»– Ђ”правление курортными дестинаци€ми: концептуальные рамки и приложени€ дл€ медицинского туризмаї

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1†ќрганизаци€ экономического сотрудничества и развити€ (сокр. ќЁ—–, англ. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD)

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