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Rumiantseva E. E.
President, Center of Economic Politics and Business (Moscow), PhD (Economics), Professor
Razumovsky V. M.
Chair of Regional Economics and Environmental Management, Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University, PhD (Geography), Professor
Treiman M. G.
Assistant Professor, Chair of Management and Innovations, St. Petersburg State University of Economics; Assistant Professor, Chair of Economics and Production Organization, St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design, PhD (Economics)

Problems of managing the epidemiologic situation in the context of COVID-19 pandemic (Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
The article focuses on the formation of a complex approach to research of epidemics and pandemics not only within the frames of medical practice and exploration, but as phenomena presenting substantial threats to national and international security, health and people’s lives. This complex approach will allow not only to breach multiple lacunae in our knowledge of epidemics and pandemics, but also to develop methodology of their research, as well as to distinguish regularities in how these threats emerge, to avoid errors related to incompetent decision making and to generate mature managerial decisions in the future. Every country in the world including Russia should be able to identify threats of new dangerous infections in a timely manner, to rapidly verify data generated in relation to these threats, and to take effective measures to minimalize their impact upon people’s health and economy. Insufficient preparedness for epidemics and pandemics and underestimation of the importance and the efficacy of response actions are related not only to the situation in health care systems of each particular country, but also with the state of scholarly research systematizing the history of infections spread. The latter was not given due attention in the past on the global level, with Russian scholarship not being an exception.
Key words: pandemic, epidemic, COVID-19 virus, virus infections, treatment of virus infections, damage
Pages: 71 - 76

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