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Volkova K. S.
PhD student, Chair of Political Economy and the History of Economic Sciences, G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow)

Russia’s economic and social advancement in global value chains.
A case study of lighting industry (Russia, Moscow)
Contemporary economic literature treats the efficacy of a country’s participation in global value chains from the perspective of economic advancement, i.e., increase in assigned added value. The article focuses on Russia’s lighting industry from this perspective, as well as from the point of view of changes taking place in the level of life of the industry’s employees. The author conducted 40 specialists that evaluated changes in their conditions, performed a comparative analysis of wages in the lighting industry in Russia, China, USA and Germany, and made conclusion on the social regress in Russian lighting industry despite the economic advancement of certain companies in the global value chains.
Key words: global value chains, wages, lighting industry
Pages: 43 - 46

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