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Galiakhmetova R. R.
Assistant Professor, Institute of Management, Economics and Finances, Kazan’ (Volga region) Federal University, PhD (Economics)
Agliullina M. I.
MA student, Institute of Management, Economics and Finances, Kazan’ (Volga region) Federal University
Agliullina Z. I.
MA student, Institute of Management, Economics and Finances, Kazan’ (Volga region) Federal University

Karl Polanyi’s concept and the socio-ecological transformation of economy (Russia, Kazan)
The article focuses on theoretical and practical aspect of the socio-economic transformation of economy of the basis of Karl Polanyi’s concept of the “Great transformation.” Present-day societal changes are seen against the notion of the “fair transition,” which emphasizes the necessity to prepare the labor market to climatic, energy-related and digital transformations. Special attention is given to the impact of the “green” transformation upon employment, quality of human capital and gender specificities. The authors distinguish the types of “green” skills and stress the importance of their acquisition.
Key words: socio-economic transformations, “green” economy, Karl Polanyi’s concept of transformation, cadres’ potential and the contemporary labor market, gender aspects of social transformations, “green” skills
Pages: 205 - 207

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