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Kuchumov A. V.
Assistant professor, Chair of economics and management in the sphere of services, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD (Economics)
Pecheritsa E. V.
Assistant professor, Chair of economics and management in the sphere of services, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD (Economics)
Boikova Yu. M.
Assistant professor, Chair of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation named after the Chief Marshall of aviation A.A. Novikov, PhD (Economics)

Management of digital technologies in the sphere of services: the institutional aspect (Russia, St. Petersburg)
The article focuses on digitalization at the enterprises of transportation and logistics services and discusses, how those involved in logistics and supply chain management find consensus with regard to institutionalization of digitalization in the practice of their respective organizations management. This consensus in its turn can facilitate further consolidation among logistics companies. The authors show that from the managerial point of view logistics companies should look for additional strategies of differentiation, since standard logistics services will experience pressure on the part of their digital competitors.
Key words: digitalization, logistics, supply chain management, dispatchers, transportation and logistics complexes, institutional theory
Pages: 201 - 203


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