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Afanasjeva O. N.
Assistant Professor, Chair of Theory and Methodology of state and municipal government, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, PhD (Economics)

Evaluation of the impact produced by the monetary policy tools upon the target macroeconomic indices in Russia and China (Russia, Moscow)
The article analyzes the impact produced by the monetary policy tools upon the target macroeconomic indices in Russia and China to compare the practical implementation of Tinbergen’s principle “targets – instruments.” The author defines the impact by such monetary policy tools as the key rate, norms of mandatory reservation, monetary basis, monetary mass, household credits and credits to non-financial organization upon achievement of macroeconomic target indices – GNP, Consumer Price Index and unemployment level. The result of the research broadens Tinbergen’s principle for the Russian realities and its modification for the Chinese context.
Key words: Tinbergen’s theory of economic policy, monetary politics, «targets – instruments», GNP, Consumer Price Index and unemployment level, Russia, China
Pages: 49 - 54

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