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Nutsalov Sh. A.
PhD student, St. Petersburg State University of Economics

Major trends in the development of the international education market and the export of educational services during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (Russia, St. Petersburg)
The article focuses on the current state and prospects of development of the international education market and the export of educational services. Prior to the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in December 2019, the international education market was one of the most dynamically developing export-oriented services markets with a volume of about $300 billion. The global epidemiological crisis and the quarantine restrictions that followed, the closure of borders and the termination of air traffic changed plans for studying abroad for potential students, and universities around the world, including Russia, were forced to completely reconsider their traditional strategies and ways of attracting applicants to foreign educational markets. The author shows that online means of communication and the use of external resources (organizational and personnel-related) have become particularly important within the framework of a public-private partnership mechanism based on outsourcing with specialized agencies for the recruitment of foreign applicants.
Key words: international education market, outsourcing, export of educational services, public-private partnership, foreign students, educational organizations, foreign applicants
Pages: 200 - 203

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