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Krotov M I

Chair or Economic Theory, St. Petersburg State University, PhD (Economics), Professor;

E-mail: mi-krotov@yandex.ru

Web site: http://mkrotov.ru

Article list of the author [18]
N 30Krotov M. I. - Political economy of liberal conservatism as a methodological foundation of anti-crisis strategy
N 34Krotov M. I. - Политико-экономические проблемы российской модернизации
N 45Krotov M. I. - Problems of modernization of Russian economy in the context of Eurasian integration (Russia, Moscow)
N 47Krotov M. I., Slutsky L. E. - On the formation of the international public platform of Eurasian integration proponents. Introduction to the new section (Russia, Moscow)
N 48Krotov M. I., Slutsky L. E. - International forum “Eurasian Economic Perspective” attracts growing numbers of economic integration supporters (Russia, Moscow)
N 48Krotov M. I. - Ukrainian economics: necessity of the new course (Russia, Moscow)
N 52Krotov M. I. - The dialectics of the European and Eurasian integration (Russia, Moscow)
N 54Krotov M. I., Muntiyan V. I. - Anti-crisis model of Russia’s economic development (Russia, Moscow)
N 55Krotov M. I., Muntiyan V. I. - On the anti-crisis monetary strategy of Russia's economic development (Russia, Moscow)
N 56Krotov M. I., Muntiyan V. I., Slutsky L. E. - Anti-crisis measures through the prism of Russia’s national security (Russia, Moscow)
N 57Krotov M. I., Slutsky L. E. - Economics through the prism of events of the by-gone epochs. Review of the book: M.D. Valovaya. Russia, born out of discord. Remember or forget? Moscow: Eurasian center of strategic research, “Prospect” publishers, 2014.
N 58Krotov M. I., Slutsky L. E. - От редакции. О новом Общеевразийском формате парламентского измерения
N 62Krotov M. I., Muntiyan V. I. - Russia in the global architecture: national might and survivability (Russia, Moscow)
N 64Kalashnikov L. I., Krotov M. I. - Three years oF the Eurasian Economic Community and initiatives of the Russian representation in 2018 (Russia, Moscow)
N 68Krotov M. I. - Resolution of EEU contradictions as a source for development of the Eurasian integration within the new globalization model (Russia, Moscow)
N 70Belekov I. I., Kalashnikov L. I., Krotov M. I. - On the humanitarian vector in the present-day international politics of the Russian Federation (Russia, Moscow)
N 71Krotov M. I., Muntiyan V. I. - On the radical reform of Russia’s financial system (Russia, Moscow)
N 76Krotov M. I., Slutsky L. E., Batistova O. I. - Eurasian economic integration in the new global reality: systemic approach and resolution of contradictions (Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow)
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