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Blagikh Ivan A

Chair of Economic Theory, Department of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, PhD (Economics), Professor

E-mail: ivan-blagikh@yandex.ru

Article list of the author [63]
N 32Blagikh Ivan A., Vysotsky A. E. - Council of congresses of representatives of trade and industry about the crisis of railroad economy in Russia. May 1913 (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 33Blagikh Ivan A., Son L. B. - To the question of interrelation of the savings and insurance business in pre-revolutionary Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 34Blagikh Ivan A. - Land-lease — the weapon of victory? (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 35Blagikh Ivan A., Yakovlev A. A. - Mortgage crediting in the Russian Federation (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 35Bogomazov G. G., Blagikh Ivan A., Mel’nik D. V. - Economic science of Leningrad-St.Petersburg in 1950-1990s (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 35Blagikh Ivan A. - - « »
N 36Blagikh Ivan A., Sal’nikov D. Yu. - Management of the enterprise’s (organization’s) production cycle (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 37Blagikh Ivan A., Kudinov I. A. - Processes of transferring into state ownership of the Russian cooperation after the February revolution of 1917 (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 38Blagikh Ivan A., Kobitsky D. A. - The role of entrepreneurship in the process of modernization of the Russian economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 41Aliev Sh. I., Blagikh Ivan A. - Specificities of state and private partnership in Russia (case of rail road construction and exploitation) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 42Aliev Sh. I., Blagikh Ivan A., Bulakh E. V. - Project development in entrepreneurship (case of investment construction market) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 42Blagikh Ivan A., Arkadjev A. A. - Project financing in the investment sphere (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 43Figurovskaya N. K., Blagikh Ivan A. - Measures taken by the Russian government for agricultural development (based on the documents of the Russian Ministry of Finances, end XIX — beginning XX c.) (Russia, Moscow)
N 44Figurovskaya N. K., Blagikh Ivan A. - State regulation of market processes: at the source of Russian theory and practice. Dedicated to the 120th anniversary of N.D Kondratjev. (Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
N 45Figurovskaya N. K., Blagikh Ivan A. - State economic policy towards large entrepreneurial units: from the history of Russian economic thought (Professor I.M. Goldshtein) (Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
N 45Blagikh Ivan A., Bulakh E. V. - Two approaches to the mechanism of state regulation of the market: L.N. Yurovskiy and E.A. Preobrazhenskiy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 45Blagikh Ivan A., Suverina E. V. - Tax reforms in the transitional economy: Russian economic experience. M.Kh. Reitern’s reforms (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 45Blagikh Ivan A. - The Russian economic thought at a mobilization and concentration stage: Second Russian economic congress (February 18–22, 2013, Suzdal)
N 46Figurovskaya N. K., Bulakh E. V., Blagikh Ivan A. - Tools of efficient socio-economic policy in contemporary context (case of agro-industrial complex) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 46Figurovskaya N. K., Blagikh Ivan A. - War and peace in the life of economists: Dmitry Vasil’evich Valovoi (Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
N 46Blagikh Ivan A., Bulakh E. V. - Views of the liberal opposition upon the socio-economic order of post-revolutionary Russia (1920s – beginning 1930s) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 50Garkavenko I. A., Bulakh E. A., Blagikh Ivan A. - On the mutual relation among the economic analysis with history and evolution (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 50Blagikh Ivan A. - Neo-industrialization: should we expect the transition from theoretical debates to practical action? Review of the collective monograph Russias New Industrialization. Theoretical and managerial aspects, ed. By N.F. Gazizullin. St. Petersburg, 2014
N 51Blagikh Ivan A., Bulakh E. V. - Economic thought of the Eurasians: View after the catastrophe (D.N. Ivantsov on the Russian prerevolutionary economic science) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 53Blagikh Ivan A., Maljushin I. I. - Continental and oceanic division of labor: Eurasian ideas of Petr Savitsky and contemporaneity (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 55Blagikh Ivan A. - Crisis mechanism in the Russian economy and anti-crisis measures of the government (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Lybaneva M. V., Blagikh Ivan A., Pashkus V. Yu. - Analysis of expectations and directions of cooperation of educational institutions with the business community in strategic partnership (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Blagikh Ivan A., Maljushin I. I., Garkavenko I. S. - Impact of entrepreneurial unions and associations upon the tools of the state economic politics (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Blagikh Ivan A., Gazizullin Nail F., Yakovleva N. G., Titov V. O. - Industrial Society in the XXI Century: Russian Economists Review The Mainstream (III St. Petersburg International Economic Congress, 2017) (Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg)
N 63Blagikh Ivan A., Arkadjev V. A. - Specificities in turnover of the value added tax in the present-day Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 63Blagikh Ivan A., Titov V. O., Yakovlev A. A. - Economic politics of post-reform Russian Empire (18611917) and its role in the creation of revolutionary situation in the country (19051917) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 64Blagikh Ivan A., Bardashevich A. N. - Theory of composite good and directions of its analysis (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 64Blagikh Ivan A. - Review of the book by M.V. Miasnikovich Topical Agenda of Belorussian Economic Development in the Context of Integration (Minsk, 2017. 278 p.).
N 66Blagikh Ivan A. - Reality of non-real capitalism. Thoughts about the book by V.T. Ryazanov (Non-)real Capitalism. Political Economy of Crisis and Its Consequences for the Global Economy and Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 66Blagikh Ivan A., Yakovlev A. A. - Mechanisms of impact of private interests upon the state economic policy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 66Blagikh Ivan A., Gazizullin Nail F., Titov V. O. - New industrial society: the future neo-industrial image of Russia (IV St. Petersburg International Economic Congress, April 2, 2018) (Russia, St. Petersburg) 285
N 66Ryazanov V. T., Dubiansky A. N., Grdzeshvili N. Sh., Golubev K. I., Lukin S. V., Lemeshenko P. S., Blagikh Ivan A. - Problems of contemporary socio-economic development: analysis of social trends at the conference Society and Christianity, Minsk, January 27, 2018 (Russia, St. Petersburg; Belarus, Minsk; Georgia, Tbilisi)
N 67Blagikh Ivan A., Vashchuk A. E., Gromov I. A., Titov V. O. - Methodological problems in the development of the state services in the digital economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 68Vashchuk A. E., Titov V. O., Blagikh Ivan A. - Macroeconomic development of Russia, India and China: possibilities of cooperation (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 68Gazizullin Nail F., Blagikh Ivan A. - Systemic approach to the development of Eurasian integration. Review of the book Contradictions and Challenges of Eurasian Integration: Ways of Overcoming, ed. by L.E. Slutsky. Moscow: Infra-M, 2018 (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 69Blagikh Ivan A., Averjanova O. V. - Russia in search of the model of a social state: questions of theory and practice (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 70Averjanova O. V., Blagikh Ivan A. - Impact of the digital economy upon the formation of social changes (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 70Blagikh Ivan A., Lapytskaya M. A. - Spatial significance of infrastructural institutes for the economic development (case of railroad construction in prerevolutionary Russia in the interests of agricultural development) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 71Blagikh Ivan A. - The role of digital technologies in the development of Eurasian integration (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 72Averjanova O. V., Alipov A. S., Blagikh Ivan A., Vashchuk A. E., Titov V. O. - Comparative analysis of contemporary capitalism: theories and methodologies (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 72Blagikh Ivan A., Averjanova O. V., Arkadjev V. A. - The role of auditing in the formation of the equilibrium system ecology-social knowledge in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 73Blagikh Ivan A., Gazizulin F. G., Gazizullin Nail F. - Universal historical significance of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War (19411945) (Russia, St. Petersburg, Kazan)
N 73Averjanova O. V., Blagikh Ivan A., Riabukhina A. A. - Perspectives for development of Russias innovative system in relation to socio-economic dynamics (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 74Khaikin M. M., Blagikh Ivan A., Rudnik S. N., Gazizullin Nail F. - Economic foundations of the Great Victory of the USSR in the Second World War (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 74Blagikh Ivan A., Averjanova O. V., Riabukhina A. A., Muravjeva O. S. - Youth social politics as a projection of future in the present-day Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 75Averjanova O. V., Blagikh Ivan A., Riabukhina A. A. - Gamification of socio-economic communications: new challenges (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 76Averjanova O. V., Blagikh Ivan A., Riabukhina A. A. - The impact of landscape infrastructure upon the socio-economic development of cities and regions (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 77Gazizullin Nail F., Blagikh Ivan A. - Prospective planning as the basis of economic modernization (to 100 years of GOELRO plan and Gosplan of the USSR) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 77Blagikh Ivan A., Riabukhina A. A. - Analysis of game platforms and indices of economic efficacy appraisal of game mechanics in gamification (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 78Kudinov I. A., Spesivtseva A. A., Blagikh Ivan A. - Evaluation of production competitiveness with the use of blockchain technologies (case of evaluating competitiveness of tires for passenger cars) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 78Blagikh Ivan A., Arkadjev V. A., Riabukhina A. A. - Improving the Internet advertisement campaign of an insurance agency on the basis ofend-to-end analytics and integrated model of data processing (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 79Blagikh Ivan A., Averjanova O. V., Spesivtseva A. A. - Russias digital economics in the light of the international digitalization indices (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 79Averjanova O. V., Spesivtseva A. A., Kudinov I. A., Blagikh Ivan A. - Development of views on the military economy: Economic and historic analysis (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 79Gazizullin Nail F., Blagikh Ivan A., Khomenko V. V., Shageeva R. A., Gavrilov O. E., Zabirova L. M. - Expert and analysis platform for the regional measuring of the Eurasian integration process (Review of the Kazan International Congress of Eurasian Integration-2021, June 1011, 2021, Kazan)
N 80Blagikh Ivan A. - Key indices of development of the global digital economy and specificities of their application in the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 80Averjanova O. V., Blagikh Ivan A. - Socio-economic role of gamification (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 81Blagikh Ivan A. - To the issue of Belovezh Accords and liquidation of the USSR: historical and economic excursus (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 82Blagikh Ivan A., Gazizullin Nail F., Protasov A. Yu. - Mobilization challenges for the Russian economy: Are there universal tools for adequate reaction? (Russia, St. Petersburg)
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