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Buzyrev V V

Chair of State and Territorial Management, Organization and Management in Industrial Complexes in St. Petersburg State Economic University, PhD (Economics), Professor

E-mail: buzirev.v@unecon.ru

Article list of the author [15]
N 15Buzyrev V. V., . ., Berezin A. O. - :
N 15Buzyrev V. V., . ., Fedoseev Igor V. - ( -)
N 19Buzyrev V. V., . . - ( )
N 31Buzyrev V. V., Bobkov A. A. - Methodological approaches to the systemic resource management at a construction enterprise
N 34Buzyrev V. V., Poliakov V. G. - Influence of functional factors of a territorial organization of the regional economy upon the agglomeration effect of investment activity (Russia, St.Petersburg, Volgograd)
N 39Buzyrev V. V., Martynov V. A. - Reproduction strategy of competitive development in a light industry enterprise (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 44Buzyrev V. V. - Renovation of residential housing in the regions as an important factor increasing its “life cycle” (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 45Buzyrev V. V., Kashina E. V., Vlasova N. V. - Determining the key factors and their interaction in the formation of market cost of construction business (Russia, St. Petersburg, Samara)
N 46Buzyrev V. V., Kashina E. V. - Increasing competitiveness of construction enterprises through the structural changes in their property complexes (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 49Buzyrev V. V., Berezin A. O., Mustafina L. R. - Housing construction on the level of a large city (region): Specificities of the structure formation (Russia, St. Petersburg, Kazan)
N 51Buzyrev V. V., Dubrovskaya I. V. - Implementation of the housing politics in Russia: perspectives and risks (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 52Buzyrev V. V., Borisov D. V. -
N 55Buzyrev V. V., Seljutina L. G., Martynov V. A. - Innovation processes in construction: formation of the system of investment of innovation processes (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 57Buzyrev V. V., Plakhtiy A. Yu. - Acceleration of the housing problem solution on the basis of revival of industrial housing construction in Russias regions(Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 63Buzyrev V. V., Nuzhina I. P., Zolotareva M. V. - Impact of social and ecological factors upon urban construction in developing urban territories (Russia, St. Petersburg, Tomsk)
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