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Bekkin R I

Leading research fellow, Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Science (Moscow), Institute of Oriental Studies, A. I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University (St. Petersburg), PhD (Economics), Professor (Russian Academy of Science)

E-mail: bekkin@mail.ru

Article list of the author [36]
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N 22Bekkin R. I. - (1332-1406 .)
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N 28Bekkin R. I. - Somaliland: non-interest financial system
N 29Bekkin R. I. - Islamic finances in Azerbaijan
N 31Bekkin R. I. - Islamic taxes as an effective tool for the solution of socio-economic problems in the regions of compact Muslim population in Russia
N 32Bekkin R. I. - Significance of money transfer operators for the financial system with underdeveloped banking sector (case of Somaliland) (Russia, Moscow)
N 33Yandiev M. I., Bekkin R. I. - Credit in the structure of market quotation in the light of Islamic financial legislation (Russia, Moscow)
N 35Bekkin R. I. - Golden dinar: a challenge to the international financial system or utopia? (Russia, Moscow)
N 41Bekkin R. I. - Islamic Economics as a scholarly discipline in Russian higher educational institutions (Russia, Kazan’)
N 41Bekkin R. I. - Review of the conference: Islam in a multicultural world. 1st Kazan’ International Scholarly Forum
N 42Bekkin R. I. - Touhid economics as a type of Islamic economic model (Russia, Moscow)
N 44Bekkin R. I. - Critical considerations abouthe the book by V.Yu. Katasonov "On the Interest: Loan Interest, Indictable Interest, Reckless Interest: Anthology of Contemporary Problems of the "Monetary Civilization"
N 45Bekkin R. I. - Insurance in the Muslim world: to the history of the question (Russia, Moscow)
N 46Bekkin R. I. - Development of Islamic insurance in Russia (Russia, Moscow)
N 48Bekkin R. I. - Islamic or Muslim law? (To the issue of legal aspects of Islamic finances) (Russia, Moscow)
N 49Bekkin R. I. - Organizational and legal principles of Islamic insurance (takafula) (Russia, Moscow)
N 51Bekkin R. I. - Issues of Islamic insurance (Russia, Moscow)
N 56Bekkin R. I. - Un-cultured capital: Review of the book: L. Harrison, Jews, Confucians, and Protestants: Cultural Capital and the End of Multiculturalism (Moscow, 2015)
N 68Bekkin R. I. - Interest is not prohibited by Sharia (Address of mufti M.-S. Bayazitov in relation to the second issue of 5,5% state bonds of the short-term military loan, 1916) (Russia, Moscow)
N 72Bekkin R. I. - Economics of Religion theory: to the issue of its applicability of the study of activities conducted by the Muslim Spiritual Administration (muftiates) in the present-day Russia (Russia, Moscow)
N 80Bekkin R. I., Khamidov E. N. - Attitude of Muslim theologians of the Volga-Ural region to insurance in the beginning of the XX c. (case of fatwa by Zaynulla Rasulev On permissibility of insuring house, other belongings and life from various adversities) (Russia, Moscow)
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