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N.F. Gazizullin hold PhD in Economics (1993) and became Professor in 1995. Currently he is a Professor of the Chair of Management and Innovation, as well as the Chair of General Economic Theory and the History of Economic Thought at St. Petersburg State University of Economics. In 2006, for his fruitful academic work and teaching, N.F. Gazizullin was awarded the Diploma of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation. In 1999, for his active work for strengthening the interregional academic ties and a considerable contribution to the economic scholarship, The President of the Republic of Tatarstan awarded N.F. Gazizullin the title of the “Honored Scholar of the Republic of Tatarstan.”
N.F. Gazizullin was born on October 17, 1951, in Kazan. He graduated from Kazan Institute of Finances and Economics in 1976, and started working in the system of higher education in 1977. Upon graduation from the institute in 1977, and until 1989, he worked as a professor of political economy in various higher educational institutions of Kazan (in the capacity of an assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor).
N.F. Gazizullin’s scholarly interests are inseparably connected with the Leningrad, nowadays St. Petersburg economic school. In 1984, in Leningrad State University, he defended his PhD dissertation “Socio-economic issues of improving socialist land use.” Between 1989 and 1992 he was a doctoral student at the Leningrad State University, and in 1992 defended his doctoral dissertation “Ecological and economic balance in the development of the society (theory, methodology, practice).”
For many years N.F. Gazizullin was a member of two dissertational committees that conferred doctoral degrees, one in St. Petersburg State University of Economics, and one in St. Petersburg State University. Over 20 PhD theses and one doctoral dissertation were defended under his supervision.
Altogether N.F. Gazizullin authored and co-authored over 140 scholarly, methodological and educational publications.
In 2001, N.F. Gazizullin, with the support of the leadership of the Eurasian Economic Community and CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, initiated and organized the international Eurasian scholarly analytic journal “Problems of Modern Economics,” and has been its editor-in-chief ever since. The Journal renders strong support to teachers and people seeking their scholarly degrees in all CIS and EEC states. Since 2003, the Journal is included into the list of publications of the Higher Attestation Commission, the list of reference journals, the data base of the All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (Russian Academy of Sciences), as well as the list of recommended publications for economic sciences of the Moscow State University. In 2004, the Journal was included into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).
Articles on N.F. Gazizullin’s scholarly and public activity were published in such encyclopedic publications as “Who is Who in Russia: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Successful People of Russia” (4th edition, Switzerland, 2010, P. 496); “Tatar Encyclopedic Dictionary” (Kazan, Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, 1999, P. 312); “Tatar Encyclopedia” (Kazan, Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2005. Vol. 2, P. 21).
For his extensive scholarly and public activity, N.F. Gazizullin was many times awarded honorary diplomas, and received acknowledgement from the leaders of scholarly centers and universities in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.
For the development of the issues related to Eurasian economic integration, N.F. Gazizullin was also acknowledged by the leaders of Executive and Legislative organs of such Integration union as the Union State of the Republics of Belorussia and Russia, CIS, EEC, and the Head of the Committee for CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and connections with the Russians living abroad of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
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