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N 54Doroshenko E. V. - Forecast of import substitution of potatoes and vegetables in the regional sub-complex of Chelyabinsk region (Russia, Chelyabinsk)
N 55Jakupov K. K. - Priorities of the new economic politics of Kazakhstan «Nurly Zhol» in the context of the Eurasian Economic Union (Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana)
N 55Kurbanov A. Kh., Naruzhnyi V. E. - Program of import substitution in the interests of the defense-and-industry complex of Russia in contemporary context: perspectives of implementation (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 55Liakin A. N. - Does devaluation create conditions for growth in the Russian economy? (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 56Turygin O. M. - Sources of investment resources of the new industrialization (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
N 56Zaitseva G. V. - Taxation system in Russia: Problems in development of the financial support of small-scale business (Russia, Chelyabinsk)
N 56Il’yna O. V. - Complex evaluation of the conditions and factors of food security in St. Petersburg (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 57Omarov M. M., Minin D. L. - Forecast orientation for Russian economic development for the medium-term perspective in the context of economic sanctions(Russia, Veliky Novgorod)
N 57Sadekova N. Kh. - Analysis of tendencies in development of food production in Russian in the present-day conditions (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)
N 60Belaya A. S. - State regulation of energy complex as the fundamental branch of Russia’s economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 61Dudnik A. V., Neganova V. P., Korjukina N. V. - Topical direction in the improvement of the state support to agro-industrial complex (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
N 62Makarov V. V., Mokhov A. S. - Creation of the “smart city” system as an example of a qualitatively new technologic opportunities and increase of competitiveness (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Lin A. A., Sokolova S. V., Bol’shakova M. V. - Pharmaceutical market: implementation of the import substitution strategy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 65Lukashevich M. L., Malevannaya T. S. - Contract-based production of electronics as a strategy of export-oriented import substitution (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 66Feigin G. F., Fomina E. A. - Customs politics in Russia: problems of modernization (Germany, Speyer; Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 68Khairova S. M., Khairov B. G. - Adaptive forms of integration of entrepreneurial structures for the import substitution program of industrial clusters processing various types of primary materials(Russia, Omsk)
N 72Dolgopolov D. V. - Institutional barriers for innovative development in Russia (Russia, Moscow)
N 72Sokolov B. I., Sokolova S. V. - Contemporary socio-economic threats to Russia’s unity: external conceptual perspective (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 72Pashkus V. Yu., Kulakova T. A., Pashkus N. A., Zjuzina L. A. - Implementation of Russia’s regional industrial politics in the context of import substitution (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 83Kolesnikova T. V. - Impact of the protectionist paradigm of state administration upon integration process in EEU (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 83Khomenko V. V. - Tatarstan in the contemporary realities of Eurasian economic integration (Russia, Kazan)
N 83Bezdudnaya A. G., Treiman M. G. - Some aspects of innovation import substitution in the context of strengthening of economic sovereignty of the state (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 83Azieva R. Kh. - Increase of the state politics efficacy in the context of the digital transformation of the oil-and-gas industry (Russia, Grozny)
N 85Lukashevich M. L. - Eurasian company as a tool of deepening the economic integration in EEU (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 87Solovjeva N. Yu., Ershova K. E. - Consumption value of the Russian video conference services as a factor of success in import substitution (Russia, St. Petersburg)
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