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The keyword "investment attractiveness"
Used in article(s) [22]
N 29Morozova E. A. - Improving the methodology of evaluation of investment attractiveness of projects in the real estate sphere
N 30Bulgakova O. A. - Methodological approaches to evaluation of investment attractiveness of a recreational territory
N 31Bulgakova O. A. - Practical measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the system of management over investment attractiveness in a recreational district
N 32Avanesov G. M. - Priority objects of corporations investment: continuous education and systems of management (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 33Zviagintseva O. S. - Evaluation of the level of investment attractiveness of regions on the basis of complex methodology of determining the integral index (Russia, Stavropol)
N 34Tarelkin A. A. - Specificities of methodologies of evaluation of investment attractiveness in the real sector of economy on macro-, meso- and micro levels (Russia, Samara)
N 35Yakupova N. M., Yarullina G. R. - Evaluation of investment attractiveness of an enterprise as a factor of its sustainable development (Russia, Kazan’)
N 35Tupikina E. N. - Analysis of investment activity in the fish industry complex of Primorje territory (Russia, Vladivostok)
N 36Rasulov N. S. - Investment attractiveness of the Southern regions of the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan, Kuliab)
N 38Saparova B. S., Saparova A. A. - Evaluation of Kazakhstan regions according to the integrated rating of investment attractiveness (Kazakhstan, Astana; Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 44Nazarova V. V. - Assessment of risks from implementation of investment projects in Russia’s forestry sector (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 46Posrednikova D. V. - Covenants as an innovative tool of increasing financial attractiveness for the sustainable development of pulp and paper enterprises (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 47Ryakhovskaya A. N. - Investment politics in Ukraine: problems and ways of their solution (Russia, Moscow)
N 51Buslaeva O. S. - Application of eigenstates method for the evaluation of the regional investment attractiveness (Russia, Chelyabinsk)
N 53Sharkov D. A. - “Due Diligence”: a fundamental procedure of structuring deals for companies' merges and acquisitions (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 55Romanenko M. I., Khrustalev B. B. - Strategic development of enterprises in the construction complex (Russia, Penza)
N 56Karmakulova A. V., Grigorishin A. V. - Impact of investment attractiveness upon the demographic and migration processes in the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (Russia, Arkhangel’sk)
N 59Aleksandrov G. A., Viakina I. V., Skvortsova G. G. - Rent and rent-based relations in geological exploration: objective foundations (Russia, Tver’)
N 62Ponomareva E. V. - Marketing research of investment attractiveness of Russia’s agro-industrial complex (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 64Ponomareva E. V. - Marketing research of investment attractiveness of Russian food industry (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 67Zavgorodnii A. F., Prikhod’ko D. V. - Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the countries in Central and Western Africa (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 70Podsoshkin P. G. - To the issue of economic freedom and entrepreneurial environment (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
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