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The keyword "managerial accounting"
Used in article(s) [17]
N 33Alekseenko A. Yu. - Specificities of external and internal accounting of material production stocks at enterprises of the stevedore branch (Russia, Krasnodar)
N 34Kruglov D. V. - Evolution of controlling in the context of managerial knowledge development (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 34Balova N. A. - Organization of accounting at enterprises of the regional housing municipal economy in the period of the branch reforming (Russia, Ioshkar-Ola)
N 36Ivanova Zh. A. - Accountant policy for the aims of management accounting (Russia, Ulan-Ude)
N 36Burykh N. I. - Creation of an effective system of the company’s managerial accounting (Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)
N 36Lonshakova A. N. - Organizational and economic aspects of corporate entrepreneurial milieu formation (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 37Tsiporenko A. A. - Theoretical aspects of controlling (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 38Potylitsyna E. A. - Genesis of the notion of “controlling” (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 38Gul’penko K. V., Smirnova E. A. - Mutual connection between the accounting development and the personality of a bookkeeper (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 48Sungatullina L. B. - Theoretical and methodological aspects of strategic managerial analysis of personnel remuneration costs (Russia, Kazan’)
N 54Avdienko K. V. - Accounting-and-integration support of holding management: principles underlying the system of information qualifying features (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 58Trushevskaya A. A., Kretova N. N. - Systemic approach to the formation of managerial reporting (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Baranova N. V. - Strategic accounting at an enterprise: its specificities and the importance of application (Russia, Volgograd)
N 62Kotova K. Yu., Lukinykh A. V. - Improvement of the theory and practice of managerial accounting in Russian organizations on the basis of self-regulation and standardization (Russia, Perm’)
N 62Kovaleva T. N., Atabieva E. L. - Approaches to cost generalization in the system of bookkeeper accounting (Russia, Belgorod)
N 64Stepanchuk A. A. - Investment controlling and problems of budget management in the context of crisis of the enterprise economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 75Gul’penko K. V., Tumashik N. V. - Managerial reporting in the informational field of industrial enterprises (Russia, St. Petersburg)
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