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N 29Metelev I. S., Molchalin S. M., Chebakova E. O. - Regional market of transportation and logistics services: perspectives of development
N 31Khasanov R. Kh. - Synergetic effect of a cluster
N 31Manukian D. A. - Problems of transportation development in the Republic of Armenia
N 32Zhuravleva N. A. - Development of the concept of infrastructure in economic scholarship (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 32Fijaksel E. A., Butrjumova N. N. - Small-scale innovation enterprises of Nizhegorodskaya region: problems of development and ways of their solution (Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod)
N 33Kalenskaya N. V. - Formation of invariant model of infrastructural support for the innovative development of a region (Russia, Kazan’)
N 34Aleksandrin Yu. N. - Innovative model of small-scale entrepreneurship development (Russia, Krasnodar)
N 38Saparova B. S., Saparova A. A. - Evaluation of Kazakhstan regions according to the integrated rating of investment attractiveness (Kazakhstan, Astana; Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 38Rogova E. M., Serebriakova A. B., Shishkina M. S. - Strategic analysis of the realization potential of an investment project for the development of infrastructure of a large city (case of St. Petersburg) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 38Fedorova M. V. - Educational services and their typology in the innovative economy (Russia, Murmansk)
N 41Bliakhman L. S. - Institutional foundations of Russian economic modernization (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 42Dabiev D. F., Lebedev V. I. - Development of natural deposits in borderline territories of Tuva: infrastructure approach (Russia, Kyzyl)
N 44Nogovitsyn R. R. - Development of infrastructure of M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University (Russia, Yakutsk)
N 46Bliakhman L. S. - Infrastructure as a key and a limited market sector of contemporary economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 46Dvortsova U. N. - Organizations in the sphere of services: strategic directions in the development of the infrastructure (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 47Postaljuk M. P., Beloborodova M. A. - Innovative transformations of the Russian economy: regional systems of venture financing (Russia, Kazan’)
N 51Aziev V. A. - Some aspects of agro-marketing in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan, Baku)
N 52Anisimov I. M. - The correlation of competition and cooperation of participants of the market economy (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
N 52Egorova T. P., Alekseeva K. I., Konstantinov N. N. - Problems of transport support of the Arctic zone of Yakutia (Russia, Yakutsk)
N 54Govorov D. S. - Creation of the Special economic zone on the territory of the Urban okrug "The City of Yakutsk" (Russia, Yakutsk)
N 55Vasilenko R. V. - Institutional factors determining the infrastructure in the development of the regional market of affordable housing (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 59Guliaev P. V., Kugaevsky A. A., Nikolaev M. V. - On some institutional preconditions of socio-economic development in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation(Russia, Yakutsk)
N 60Sadriev A. R., Kuz’min M. S. - Directions of state support of innovative development of the Russian economy in the context of formation of the new technological order (Russia, Kazan’)
N 60Pavlenko I. G., Osmanova E. U. - The essence and the concept of tourist destination (Russia, Simferopol)
N 61Otazhonov Sh. I. - Improvement of the infrastructure of innovative activity in Uzbekistan: current state, problems and perspectives (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
N 61Sultanov A. A. - Organizational and economic mechanisms of management over production diversification at the enterprises of textile industry in Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
N 66Remizova T. S., Koshelev D. B. - The use of digital technologies for infrastructural modernization of the electric energy production in Russia (Russia, Moscow)
N 67Gromov I. A. - Digital innovations in the contemporary world(Russia, Saransk)
N 67Volodichev K. V. - Contemporary transportation infrastructure on the Asian market of liquefied natural gas (LNG): trends and perspectives (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 67Blagikh Ivan A., Vashchuk A. E., Gromov I. A., Titov V. O. - Methodological problems in the development of the state services in the digital economy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 70Malykhina I. O., Bozhkov Yu. N., Brezhnev A. N. - Impact of the infrastructural support upon the formation and stimulation of innovative investment sources for the regional economic growth (Russia, Belgorod)
N 70Blagikh Ivan A., Lapytskaya M. A. - Spatial significance of infrastructural institutes for the economic development (case of railroad construction in prerevolutionary Russia in the interests of agricultural development) (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 73Dzhazovskaya I. N., Krikushov O. A. - Structure and dynamics of infrastructural investments (Russia, Penza)
N 75Goriacheva O. E., Govorina O. V., Globa S. B., Berezovaya V. V. - Formation of urban milieu as a key condition for the formation of people’s quality of life (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
N 75Larchenko O. V. - Infrastructure as a necessary condition for development of the territories of advanced socio-economic development (Russia, Petrozavodsk)
N 77Dambaeva I. Zh. - Problems of formation of the “ecosystem” of mining companies in connection with the complex development of the region (Russia, Ulan-Ude)
N 82Nazmutdinova A. R., Novikova Zh. S., Steniashina N. L. - Development of infrastructure in the sphere of services in Tatarstan in the context of digital transformation: prospective directions (Russia, Almetyevsk)
N 83Stroev P. V. - Conceptual aspects of increasing the interregional connectedness of Russia’s economic space (Russia, Moscow)
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