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N 29Murtuzalieva S. Yu. - The system of state regulation of external economic activity in Vietnam – a new member of WTO
N 30Aidarbekova A. T. - Regional priorities in providing meat products
N 33Markosian A. Kh., Petrosian M. A., Ovasapian A. V. - Volatility of exchange rates of the national currents in China, Russia and Armenia in respect to the US dollar over the long run (Armenia, Erevan)
N 35Yuzvovich L. I. - International leasing as a form of attracting investments into the national economy (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
N 36Murtuzalieva S. Yu. - Problems of effectivity and development of Russia’s external economic relations (Russia, Moscow)
N 39Ivanov D. A. - Methodological aspects of spatial development of external economic relations in the regions (Russia, Maykop)
N 45Popov A. N., Vinogradova N. P. - Institute of organizational culture: its formation and stages of development (Russia, Chelyabinsk; Kazakhstan, Kostanai)
N 45Vyshinskaya T. L. - Illegalization of economic activity in the sphere of Ukrainian external trade (Ukraine, Kiev)
N 46Koroleva Yu. E., Bolotova S. S. - The situation on the Russian cosmetic market: trends and perspectives (Russia, Omsk)
N 49Glazunov S. N. - Ruble’s exchange rate and Russian economy (Russia, Moscow)
N 55Kharlanov A. S. - Geo-economy of contemporary Ukraine (Russia, Moscow)
N 66Rebrina T. G., Kovaleva N. N. - Russia's foreign trade against the background of economic sanctions and their impact upon the country’s fiscal politics (Russia, Briansk)
N 66Dzhabiev R. M. - Improving export potential of non-oil branches of Azerbaijan economy in the innovative sphere (Azerbaijan, Baku)
N 71Gaysin R. S. - Development of conjuncture of agro-industrial market in EEU member-states (case of the market for milk and dairy products) (Russia, Moscow)
N 71Abdelaziz Dugdug - Analysis of trade between Algeria and Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 79Zavgorodnii A. F. - Topic issues of digitalization of the international trade at the present-day stage of its development (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 82Medynskaya I. V., Gao Lei - Specificities of impact produced by the structural changes in Chinese economy upon the country’s trade relations with Russia (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 88Nurieva A. R., Gibadullin M. Z. - New realities of Eurasian integration (Russia, Kazan)
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