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Used in article(s) [18]
N 29Baks V. B. - Problems of developing of relations of monopolism in the context of globalization
N 37Blagikh Ivan A., Kudinov I. A. - Processes of transferring into state ownership of the Russian cooperation after the February revolution of 1917 (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 39Gataullina D. R. - Forms of competitive relations and cooperation in the context of globalization (Russia, Kazan’)
N 39Kudinov I. A. - Discussions about the “socialist” and “capitalist” cooperation in the years of the New Economic Policy (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 40Figurovskaya N. K. - The forgotten academician (Petr Pavlovich Maslov) (Russia, Moscow)
N 42Vedin N. V., Gazizullin Nail F. - To the study of heterogeneity of economic systems: post-classical vector in development of political economy (Russia, Kazan’, St. Petersburg)
N 43Figurovskaya N. K. - P.A. Kropotkin and cooperation (Russia, Moscow)
N 47Bliakhman L. S., Ziabrikov V. V. - Strategic management, cooperation structure and the corporate culture of the new type firms (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 47Neustroeva N. A. - Formation and development of integration processes in inter-cluster formations: politics of management (Russia, Perm’)
N 52Anisimov I. M. - The correlation of competition and cooperation of participants of the market economy (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
N 55Jakupov K. K. - Priorities of the new economic politics of Kazakhstan «Nurly Zhol» in the context of the Eurasian Economic Union (Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana)
N 55Saakian G. G. - The role of Parliaments in the Eurasian integration (Republic of Armenia, Erevan)
N 55Vedin N. V., Gazizullin Nail F. - Some approaches to the formation of the problem field of the Eurasian political economy (Russia, Kazan’, St. Petersburg)
N 56Vedin N. V., Gazizullin Nail F. - Dialectics of the concrete social labor: classic and contemporary approaches (Russia, Kazan’, St. Petersburg)
N 62Zubkov A. S. - Creation of the effective model of innovations commercialization (Russia, Samara)
N 72Dudnik A. V., Marfitsyn S. V. - Cooperative segment of Russia’s agro-industrial complex as an element in the strategy of increasing competitiveness of the country’s agro-industrial complex: socio-economic model of development (Russia, Kurgan)
N 74Belekova A. T. - Growing role of UNIESCO as a partner in Eurasian cooperation (Russia, Moscow)
N 79Zhang Dali, Kashbraziev R. V. - Present-day state and perspectives for scholarly and technological cooperation between China and Russia (Russia, Kazan)
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