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The keyword "system of management"
Used in article(s) [17]
N 29Smirnov S. A. - Distribution of resources at an enterprise with the use of information systems
N 31Samylin A. I. - Managing the results of an enterprise activity
N 34Kolosova T. V. - Management of an enterprise’ innovation development and the issue of competitiveness (Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod)
N 34Basheva A. V. - Controlling as an instrument of analysis of influences produced by new technologies upon the development of an enterprise’ economics (Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod)
N 34Kuzichev V. M., Chernov S. S., Perminov A. Yu. - Working out the basic principles of development of the system of management over the property complex of an enterprise (Russia, Novosibirsk)
N 40Beliakova G. Ya., Batukova L. R. - Modernization reforms: issues of aim definition and major aspects of the management system (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
N 40Pavlova K. A. - The system of balanced indices of informational support in the management of an industrial enterprise (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 40Mustafina L. R., Berezin A. O. - Managing the regional investment and construction complex: specificities of the system formation (Russia, Kazan’, St. Petersburg)
N 41Merkushova N. I. - Integrated system of management: evaluation of results (Russia, Vladivostok)
N 41Akhtarieva L. G. - Ways of improving the quality of management of the regional organizational and institutional development (Russia, Ufa)
N 44Matytsin I. A. - Systems of management of state-and-private entrepreneurship in the sphere of infrastructure: Problems of improvement (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 50Chaplina A. N., Gerasimova E. A. - Reputational responsibility of trade entrepreneurship (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
N 69Iskianderova T. A. - Formation of the project for creating an effective systems of management for the marketing of innovative products of industrial enterprises (Russia, Vladimir)
N 71Briantseva T. A., Shevchenko M. V. - Reengineering as a form of innovative technologies in managing organizations’ business-processes (Russia, Belgorod)
N 72Zhuravlev D. M. - System of management of the regional development: principles of creation and functioning (Russia, Moscow)
N 75Golovina A. N., Nadeina E. A. - Organizational mechanism of evaluation of the functional sustainability of the management system at an industrial enterprise: perspectives of application (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
N 76Grigorjeva I. V., Parfenchuk L. M. - Systemic model of industrial enterprise management in the unified information-and-management system (Russia, Belebey)
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