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Used in article(s) [17]
N 30Porunov A. N., Toysheva O. A. - Crisis and BRIC countries: results of January-February 2009 in the mirror of statistics
N 30Pashkus V. Yu., Timokhina E. A. - Significance of the budget stability for financing of the socio-cultural sphere in Russia
N 31Larina S. E. - New concept of budgeting according the results from Russian Federation
N 31Ufimtseva E. V. - Contemporary model of inter-budget relations of municipal level in the Russian Federation
N 34Eremina N. V. - Regional economy of the United Kingdom, case of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland: from the constitutional reform to crisis (Russia, St.Petersburg)
N 39Shvetsov Yu. G. - Theoretical aspects of the budget as an economic category (Russia, Barnaul)
N 42Tishutina O. I. - Reforming of the budget process: major directions, problems, and ways of their solution (Russia, Khabarovsk)
N 43Tishutina O. I., Mikhailov A. V. - Instruments of result-oriented budgeting: technologies of their application the budgeting process (case of Sakha Republic, Yakutia) (Russia, Khabarovsk)
N 43Kholodov P. P. - Formation of the resource potential for the complex socio-economic development of a region (Russia, Kemerovo)
N 44Tishutina O. I., Mikhailov A. V. - Budgetary expenses: issues of efficacy and the development of the system of evaluation indices (Russia, Khabarovsk)
N 44Boldyreva I. A. - Impact of the dynamics of customs payments upon the formation of the federal budget revenues (Russia, Rostov-upon-Don)
N 50Solomko M. N. - Analysis of the system of intra-budget regulation on the level of the subject of the Russian Federation (case of Khabarovsk territory) (Russia, Khabarovsk)
N 52Popova T. N. - The impact of companies’ capital to the tax revenues of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
N 53Yurchenko S. S. - Activity of zemstvo administration for development of statistics in the Kursk province (Russia, Ufa)
N 59Kaz’min A. G. - Introduction of the financial transactions tax in Russia (Russia, Voronezh)
N 59Krivonosova N. Ya. - Russian experience in development of theoretical notions on local finances (Russia, Chita)
N 74Tishchenko E. S., Kleimenova Yu. A., Dudenko A. Yu. - Tax for self-employed: instrument of stimulation or encumbrance? (Russia, Krasnodar)
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