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The keyword "risk management"
Used in article(s) [23]
N 30Smoliakova Yu. V. - Present-day risks in Russia’s economy
N 31Dorokhina E. Yu. - Problems of modeling of risk management of a construction enterprise
N 32Kubasova T. I. - Logistic coordination as a tool of lowering the risks of mortgage construction projects (Russia, Irkutsk)
N 32Mogilevich M. V., Kvasov I. N. - Improvement of the state administration system in a region through implementation of state-and-private partnership mechanism (Russia, Omsk)
N 37Larionov G. V. - Evaluation of entrepreneurial risk of business-structures in the system of budgeting (Russia, Moscow)
N 38Kiselitsa E. P. - Myths about risks (Russia, Tjumen’)
N 39Sheluntsova M. A. - Risk-management in the public sector of economy (Russia, Perm’)
N 43Yakhneeva I. V. - Elasticity of the deliveries system and risk management (Russia, Samara)
N 44Yakhneeva I. V. - Analysis of elasticity in the prestation system: methodological approach and international practice (Russia, Samara)
N 45Konoshenko L. A. - Conceptual foundation of business-risk management in a trade organization (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
N 46Ermakova V. A. - Transnational companies: retrospective view of the insurance history (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 46Chupris L. S. - The model of environmental impact upon the insurance fund: case of the Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 46Yakhneeva I. V. - Managing the elasticity of delivery systems in construction (Russia, Samara)
N 53Yakubovskaya D. L. - Price formation for banking products in the context of the problem of credit organizations’ profitability (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 54Khoziainov M. S., Kvasov I. A. - Risk management: semi-empirical analysis (Russia, Dubna)
N 56Kazansky Alexander V. - Basel standards of capital, liquidity, and risk management (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 62Bediaeva T. V., Barlova A. I. - Innovations in management of a hotel enterprise in the present-day context (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 65Mikhailova E. L., Mileshko L. P. - Specificities of risk management in the context of economic capitalization (Russia, Rostov-upon-Don)
N 75Mikhailovsky D. A. - Compensation method in managing the consequences of entrepreneurial risks activation (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 79Majorov S. V., Baranov V. V., Korobchenko O. V., Zhao Kai - Management of innovation risks in organization of cooperation between the structures of the machine-building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan and Chinese companies (Russia, Kazan, Moscow)
N 85Kljuchnikov I. K., Molchanova O. A., Kljuchnikov O. I. - Cloud financial calculations in the context of financial sustainability (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 86Rudenkov I. A., Yurgel N. V. - Institutional efficacy of a firm in contemporary economy (Belarus, Minsk, Grodno)
N 86Panfilova O. V., Panfilova A. A. - Risk management as an element of improving financial tools with regard to the projects in the sphere of commercial real estate (Russia, St. Petersburg)
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