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N 30Bagiev E. G. - Principles of planning of industrial investment in the context of industrial technological rearmament
N 33Tupikina E. N. - Specificities of the current state of investment processes in Russia (Russia, Vladivostok)
N 38Ivanov A. V. - Reasons for insolvency of industrial business (Russia, Ulyanovsk)
N 42Rybakov F. F. - St. Petersburg economy and the challenges of the XXI century (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 42Idziev G. I., Tsapieva O. K., Esetova A. M. - Innovative development of the regional industry and its role for the formation of enterprises’ competitiveness (Russia, Makhachkala)
N 42Fedotjev D. S. - Jews in St. Petersburg entrepreneurship in the second half of the XIX – beginning of the XX cc. (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 45Sviatkin M. D. - Integrated group of enterprises in the food industry: mechanism of management (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 51Garifullina N. Yu., Mazaeva K. A. - Labor market of worker professions: Russian and international tendencies (Russia, Petrozavodsk)
N 55Belomestnov V. G. - Provisioning economic security of the regional development (Russia, Ulan-Ude)
N 67Gorenburgov M. A., Goncharov V. V. - Classification of industrial innovations as a precondition for optimal managerial decision making in business (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 69Bogomazov G. G. - “And economics he knew well...”: To the 185th anniversary of D.I. Mendeleev (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 74Petizhev A. D. - Strategic sustainability of enterprises in metallurgic industry (Russia, Moscow)
N 75Tsjokhla S. Yu., Filonov V. I., Simchenko N. A. - Managing the implementation of the digital twins in the industrial spheres on the bases of smart-sourcing principles (Russia, Simferopol)
N 77Selishcheva T. A., Selishchev A. S. - Problems of sustainable economic development of Kyrgyzstan within the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, St. Petersburg)
N 78Simchenko N. A., Filonov V. I., Tsjokhla S. Yu. - Strategic planning with regards to development of the economic environment related to implementation of digital doubles in industry (Russia, Simferopol)
N 82Makhmudov M. F. - Methodology of cluster approach to regional socio-economic development: the case of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan, Tashkent)
N 87Ganin P. V. - Specificities in providing of energy efficacy in the regional economy of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia, Kazan)
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